Custom Electricity Plans

Custom Electricity Plans


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Custom electricity plans tailored for maximum effect

No two businesses share the same energy practices or gauge success in the same way. At Energy Me we take the time to better understand how to be of value to our energy users. With our custom electricity plans, we take the time to understand how to best serve your single location, franchise operation, major metropolitan building or industrial facility in simple yet profound ways.


The process, although thorough, is rapid. Energy markets are constantly in a state of flux and picking the opportune times to buy can be tricky to navigate. That’s why most businesses leverage our resources to maximize the return they expect on their energy investment. Request your custom electricity plan today and one of our dedicated energy advisors will be in touch before you can say, “kilowatt-hour!”


Our team of experienced energy advisors are just a few keystrokes away and are standing-by to be of service and most importantly, of value. Think of us as your businesses personal energy assistant!

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